Friday, February 22, 2008

Great neighbors and the cost of living...

Yesterday I got into it with the "former" in my front yard. For various reasons including the fact that he chooses to travel with our youngest two in the car with no car seats, his lack of ability to pay child/spousal support partnered with the fact that "they" just bought a new suburban, and the fact that he is encouraging the kids in their complaints that I don't spend enough time with them... because I work too much. He actually told me I am making them upset because I'm working too much. So I asked him how he could possibly think it's a good idea to allow them to think that I am not taking good care of them because I work. I asked him why, when they tell him that I don't spend enough time with them because I'm working too much, doesn't he tell them that I spend lots of time with them but I have to work. He can acknowledge that it's hard to miss me without encouraging them to think I'm neglecting them. I told him that he doesn't support my parenting. Then I said something that probably wasn't nice but you know what? I don't care... I asked him why he didn't tell them that I HAVE to work because he made bad choices. Since that's the truth... I reminded him that I never worked away from the kids a day in their lives until he decided to change everything... so why, when they are sad and missing me because I am working, couldn't he take responsibility for being the cause! That didn't go over well but this is the price we pay for his life choices. Anyway he wasn't very happy about it!

When I came inside one of my neighbors, Tony, called. I answered and he said "is everything ok? Charlotte (his wife) called me and said I needed to check on you. I'm not at home but I wanted to make sure you were ok." I told him I was fine and thanked him for checking. A few hours later my neighbor from the other side came by with a pile of clothes for the baby... and to ask if everything was ok because she had seen Drew here earlier... and he looked mad. I'm actually getting a little worried because if he is mad right now, it's about to get REALLY ugly! Details on that as soon as I can give them, but I'm starting to think I might need to hide out somewhere safe for a while... seriously.

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