Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two days late

I have been crazy busy - that pesky work thing ya know - well that and some regular mom stuff too, but I am happy to announce that my divorce is officially FINAL! I would have blogged about it on the official "final" date, Tuesday the 15th, but I was WAY too busy celebrating! I don't know if most people celebrate their divorces with dinner (and a lemon drop martini) in a great restaurant but I did! I have been counting down the days for a few weeks now and I was ready for a party! The truth is nothing is really different, except that I could get married again today if I wanted to - but I'm not planning on it so don't email me your lectures! I think the real difference for me is that I feel like I am living free again for the first time in ten years. I don't have any quandary about saying I am divorced. Now I don't feel the need to qualify that with a "it will be final in January." I'm hoping that there is a chance I might stop getting those sideways looks when I say I am dating. At some point I really hope people will stop looking at me like I must be devastated... but even if they don't, the truth is that I am so excited about life and my future that all the doubters in the world couldn't rain on my parade!

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