Saturday, January 26, 2008

This isn't what you plan for!

I hired my neighbor Sammy to watch my kids last night so I could go out. She's a responsible 17 year old girl. She's watched them before and I know she can handle the task. So I went out and did some usual stuff - shopping, dinner, and then my friend and I were about to go see a movie when I realize my phone is ringing. I didn't get to it in time to answer it but when I looked I realized it was a call from my house and I had missed two calls. Now as a mom that's never a comfortable feeling. So I'm worried but still calm and I call my house back. Sammy answers the phone and is beyond hysterical. I've never heard anything quite like it. So I start to feel that worry rise. I get her calm enough to tell me what is wrong and she says "my brother's dead... my brother just died!" Wow.

Now I am with a friend in Rancho Cucamonga and we had driven there together from Redlands so I know that there is no way I'll make it home in under an hour if we go back to his place first. I know I can't leave this poor girl with my kids for that long but I can't very well take a boy home to my house either. So I get on the phone and call my sister in law. She jumps in her car and heads to my house to relieve poor Sammy. I got there about an hour later. I see Sammy in her driveway with her best friend...who by some stroke of horror witnessed the car accident that killed Sammy's brother. Sammy is apologizing to me for ruining my night. I told her that if she apologized to me again I'd kick her butt. I hugged her and held her for a little bit and told her if she or her family needed anything to give me a call. I walked into my house at around 9:30 and my kids were all still up and frankly a bit traumatized. The older three went to sleep with relative ease once we talked for a little bit about how sad Sammy was and why she was so sad. Sophia on the other hand was not so ok. She cried herself to sleep all the while calling out for Sammy. Talk about a rough night!