Thursday, January 17, 2008

I took the kids out for a banana split

I wanted the people I work with to meet my kids but I also wanted the kids to see where I work now that I actually work there and can tell them what I do. Well and then there was the matter of the banana split I've been craving for about a month and hadn't indulged in yet. Anyway, so I venture out at around 6 tonight with four kids to my work.

I didn't tell them where we were going until they saw it and figured it out for themselves. This, by the way, is part of my mom arsenal. If you want to arrive somewhere with your sanity intact, don't tell the kids where you are going! So we get to the parking lot and I start "the lecture" you know the one right? It goes something like this "this is very important... you MUST be on your BEST BEHAVIOR! Do you understand? No yelling, no fighting, no touching ANYTHING! BE GOOD!"

So we get through that, past the parking lot and into the restaurant. We sit, the kids each get chocolate milk, and I get vanilla Pepsi. Then we order the banana split. Well it doesn't come... like forever, it doesn't come. The big boss stops by and asks why we are still waiting for our food. Well as it turned out, in all of their excitement to see... me, I guess, or maybe the kids... no one had actually put in our order.

Then the boss comes back with bowls of ice cream for the kids (who had by this point already had taffy and chocolate milk) while we wait for our banana split. It finally came, and it totally satisfied my craving! The kids were super excited! We had a blast.

We were ready to leave but hadn't gotten a bill. I knew I could just have them print it up front so we headed up to pay. As we were leaving a waitress tries to deliver some serious steak dinners to our table... but it belonged to the table across from ours. When they pull up our bill at the front - the steak dinners were on my bill. So, I wait for a manager to fix it but when they walk up and see me they tell me not to worry about it they'd take care of it we could go without paying. Obviously I tipped our waiter but that was the cheapest desert for 5 I've ever had!

Oh, and the kids didn't disappoint! They were awesome.

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