Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got my schedule for next week

I feel like my blog is becoming the "work chronicles" but I guess since I just write about my life and that is what's new for me right now... you can deal with it. The new schedule was posted and I am on expo 3 days this week plus hosting 2 other days. The reason that I'm so excited is that it is a very short trip from the expo line to waiting tables. In fact... I could in theory be bumped from the expo line to waiting tables just because they are in a crunch. It probably won't happen right away but at least I feel like it's not too far off. Plus expo's get "tipped out" which means I'll make some tips - even if only a little.
So since I'm holding out on telling you where I work I decided that, once I'm actually waiting tables, I might have reveal my work location and start posting my schedule. That way friends can visit me while I'm at work. I'm only too vain to be seen in the uniform if tips aren't involved. I guess money talks...

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