Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maybe the uniform isn't as bad as I thought?

Because I keep getting hit on at work. Now to be fair some of the men have been about my grandpa's age - can you say dirty old men? But most have been relatively decent looking potentially normal guys. Then there are the married ones... ugh! Oh well anyway it just made me wonder if the uniform isn't quite as horrible as I initially thought. Or maybe guys like a girl in an ugly uniform? Oh, and here's a little clue about my employment location to the armchair sleuth(s)... I work about a 10-15 minute drive from my home... in Rialto.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This isn't what you plan for!

I hired my neighbor Sammy to watch my kids last night so I could go out. She's a responsible 17 year old girl. She's watched them before and I know she can handle the task. So I went out and did some usual stuff - shopping, dinner, and then my friend and I were about to go see a movie when I realize my phone is ringing. I didn't get to it in time to answer it but when I looked I realized it was a call from my house and I had missed two calls. Now as a mom that's never a comfortable feeling. So I'm worried but still calm and I call my house back. Sammy answers the phone and is beyond hysterical. I've never heard anything quite like it. So I start to feel that worry rise. I get her calm enough to tell me what is wrong and she says "my brother's dead... my brother just died!" Wow.

Now I am with a friend in Rancho Cucamonga and we had driven there together from Redlands so I know that there is no way I'll make it home in under an hour if we go back to his place first. I know I can't leave this poor girl with my kids for that long but I can't very well take a boy home to my house either. So I get on the phone and call my sister in law. She jumps in her car and heads to my house to relieve poor Sammy. I got there about an hour later. I see Sammy in her driveway with her best friend...who by some stroke of horror witnessed the car accident that killed Sammy's brother. Sammy is apologizing to me for ruining my night. I told her that if she apologized to me again I'd kick her butt. I hugged her and held her for a little bit and told her if she or her family needed anything to give me a call. I walked into my house at around 9:30 and my kids were all still up and frankly a bit traumatized. The older three went to sleep with relative ease once we talked for a little bit about how sad Sammy was and why she was so sad. Sophia on the other hand was not so ok. She cried herself to sleep all the while calling out for Sammy. Talk about a rough night!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Public Service Announcement - for my single friends...

I have come to a conclusion about online dating... even with that one site that claims to match you on all those levels of compatibility so you can find your "soul mate"... an astronomically high percentage of the people on those sites are there because they cannot get a date in the real world. If you happen to be one of the "normal" fools who are duped into joining because you think you could actually meet someone that way I'll tell you what your odds are from my humble perspective. You probably have a 1 in 1500 chance of meeting someone who isn't completely insane. Good luck! My recommendation... meet someone through friends, at least then if they turn out to be insane you can call your friend to task for hooking you up with a fool! I'm pretty sure Dr. You know who cares a lot less about you meeting the love of your life than he does about collecting your money every month!!! I did the online thing... I'm soooo done with the online thing... from now on I'll stick to meeting guys in real life! The days of having a coffee meeting with some freak who shows up, rose in hand, and falls in love with me before the end of date one are over for this single girl! I prefer you know what my favorite flower is before you bring me one on a date!

Now I will say that the experience hasn't been all bad. I have a friend or two that will probably be around for a while... out of 1500 plus matches... but seriously if I could walk in a room with 1500 guys all available to date I could have matched myself up with more than that on my own.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The reality check...

I've been passing for 18 for weeks now, and frankly getting quite a kick out of it! Apparently I needed a reality check because Saturday night I was on break at work. I was standing still. The bakery lady needed to get by me so I took a step forward...and something went terribly wrong! There was a jolt of pain in my knee, and I could no longer bear any weight on it. I'm officially old! So as if being injured while standing still isn't bad enough, a manager walks up to me a few minutes later and asks if I'll go wait on customers at the counter. Oh my gosh I cannot even describe my disappointment! I had to tell him that I couldn't because I quite literally could not walk. He was cool with it but I was beyond bummed! It was the break I'd been hoping for and I missed the opportunity! UGH! Instead I spent the next 4 hours rolling silverware at the counter while begging people to refill my supplies as they were depleted. I took it easy, and took a whole lot of motrin, yesterday and it seems better today. Here's hoping it holds up! I'm working expo tonight!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got my schedule for next week

I feel like my blog is becoming the "work chronicles" but I guess since I just write about my life and that is what's new for me right now... you can deal with it. The new schedule was posted and I am on expo 3 days this week plus hosting 2 other days. The reason that I'm so excited is that it is a very short trip from the expo line to waiting tables. In fact... I could in theory be bumped from the expo line to waiting tables just because they are in a crunch. It probably won't happen right away but at least I feel like it's not too far off. Plus expo's get "tipped out" which means I'll make some tips - even if only a little.
So since I'm holding out on telling you where I work I decided that, once I'm actually waiting tables, I might have reveal my work location and start posting my schedule. That way friends can visit me while I'm at work. I'm only too vain to be seen in the uniform if tips aren't involved. I guess money talks...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I took the kids out for a banana split

I wanted the people I work with to meet my kids but I also wanted the kids to see where I work now that I actually work there and can tell them what I do. Well and then there was the matter of the banana split I've been craving for about a month and hadn't indulged in yet. Anyway, so I venture out at around 6 tonight with four kids to my work.

I didn't tell them where we were going until they saw it and figured it out for themselves. This, by the way, is part of my mom arsenal. If you want to arrive somewhere with your sanity intact, don't tell the kids where you are going! So we get to the parking lot and I start "the lecture" you know the one right? It goes something like this "this is very important... you MUST be on your BEST BEHAVIOR! Do you understand? No yelling, no fighting, no touching ANYTHING! BE GOOD!"

So we get through that, past the parking lot and into the restaurant. We sit, the kids each get chocolate milk, and I get vanilla Pepsi. Then we order the banana split. Well it doesn't come... like forever, it doesn't come. The big boss stops by and asks why we are still waiting for our food. Well as it turned out, in all of their excitement to see... me, I guess, or maybe the kids... no one had actually put in our order.

Then the boss comes back with bowls of ice cream for the kids (who had by this point already had taffy and chocolate milk) while we wait for our banana split. It finally came, and it totally satisfied my craving! The kids were super excited! We had a blast.

We were ready to leave but hadn't gotten a bill. I knew I could just have them print it up front so we headed up to pay. As we were leaving a waitress tries to deliver some serious steak dinners to our table... but it belonged to the table across from ours. When they pull up our bill at the front - the steak dinners were on my bill. So, I wait for a manager to fix it but when they walk up and see me they tell me not to worry about it they'd take care of it we could go without paying. Obviously I tipped our waiter but that was the cheapest desert for 5 I've ever had!

Oh, and the kids didn't disappoint! They were awesome.

Two days late

I have been crazy busy - that pesky work thing ya know - well that and some regular mom stuff too, but I am happy to announce that my divorce is officially FINAL! I would have blogged about it on the official "final" date, Tuesday the 15th, but I was WAY too busy celebrating! I don't know if most people celebrate their divorces with dinner (and a lemon drop martini) in a great restaurant but I did! I have been counting down the days for a few weeks now and I was ready for a party! The truth is nothing is really different, except that I could get married again today if I wanted to - but I'm not planning on it so don't email me your lectures! I think the real difference for me is that I feel like I am living free again for the first time in ten years. I don't have any quandary about saying I am divorced. Now I don't feel the need to qualify that with a "it will be final in January." I'm hoping that there is a chance I might stop getting those sideways looks when I say I am dating. At some point I really hope people will stop looking at me like I must be devastated... but even if they don't, the truth is that I am so excited about life and my future that all the doubters in the world couldn't rain on my parade!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm not trying to be a complainer but...

OH MY GOSH MY FEET HURT!!! Seriously, I've spent half of the last decade barefoot and pregnant, and when I wasn't pregnant I was still probably barefoot! I never wear shoes unless I'm leaving the house, which, before this week, I did for a few hours here or there. I never left the house in shoes and actually stood/walked in them for oh 5-7 hours at a time. Except for the occasional Disney trip maybe, but at Disneyland you can sit at your own whim! My feet feel like they just turned 90... some parts of me feel a solid 31... and a few (the short list) feel about 18. I don't know if I'll get used to this or what but darn it's no fun! Aside from that I'm enjoying my job. I rolled approximately 7000 sets of silverware today. Invited about 1000 people to come back for breakfast. and asked probably 700 people how everything was. Oh, and I got a manager a couple of times when the answer to that question was something other than great. The managers love me, I'm saving their business... the servers are probably gonna start to hate me because when there is a complaint it usually comes down on them being inept. I figured out today that I am older than the next oldest Hostess by 7 years or so... but until I told the teenyboppers my real age they just thought I went to a different High School - ha, ha!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Have you ever...

had a concept swirling around in your head that you couldn't resolve? I've heard a reference recently that gave me a new definition to a word I know well. The problem is that this new definition is making me rethink things on a much bigger scale than just that one word. I can't seem to get to the bottom of this discussion in my head. Just when I think I've resolved it I find a new angle to work it through. It makes me want to study so I can KNOW the answer but to be really honest I don't even know where to begin.
So, when your thinking is challenged... do you talk to yourself? I do... though usually not out loud!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I worked.

That may seem like no big deal to most of you but I worked yesterday. I put on a (really ugly) uniform and left my house to go clock in at a job. I haven't left my house to go to a job in 9 years. In fact I have never left my kids while I went to work. To make matters worse - I missed my weekly post divorce recovery coffee party at Coco's because I was working. By far the hardest thing though was the fact that my kids had been with their dad since Sunday morning. They got home, ate lunch and went down for naps (because they don't sleep at his house) and I left before they woke up. So I didn't get to spend quality time with my kids from Saturday until this morning. That sucked!
The job itself was fine. I'm not sure how impressed I should be about this but... one of the head bosses and the owner of the restaurant were meeting and, after they finished, the head boss comes over and tells me that they were talking about how impressed they were with me. That I was amazing and they couldn't believe it was my first day. The only reason that I'm impressed with that exchange at all is that I noticed this boss didn't interact with the staff much. He didn't talk to any of us "little people" except that short exchange with me. I mastered all kinds of functions of the job and by the way people responded to that I think they are used to absolute idiots working there! The only downside of the job itself is the one girl who is probably 12 and is convinced she knows everything... ok so she's probably 19 but she rubs me the wrong way. Everyone else was cool. I'm actually not dreading going back tomorrow, except for that horrid uniform!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yesterday I...

got a job. So it isn't that dream job... or even a close second, but it's perfect for now! I finally decided I needed to go do something mindless with tons of social interaction. Frankly I'm surrounded by little people and I want to interact with grown ups. Nevermind that I'll be interacting with probably more High Schoolers than I really prefer... I have rejoined the ranks of the food service workers. It's a perfect high school job, or for me in this case a perfect post divorce job. I just needed to make a little extra to fill in the gap between what my ex is supposed to pay in support and what he actually decides to pay. Eventually he won't have a choice in the matter but until then I needed a cushion. After that point I'll want to make at least a little of my own money so either way I think it's a good thing. So I'm starting as an expediter and cashier, but I'll be a server in short order I'm sure.
So the uniform is ugly and I'm sure I'll feel like a teenager because in all of my previous food service experience I was under 20! All silliness aside I'm actually pretty excited. I start on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sophia's getting some brag time...

I've been playing mommy of one for the last 24 plus hours. You see, when her dad came to pick up the kids yesterday, she didn't want to go. This isn't the first time she has wanted to stay home, but this time her dad said that if she didn't want to go he wasn't going to take her.

I got to go shopping - well actually I went "looking" but I was out in a store - with only one kid. That is so weird! Well, to me at least! She has been my little snuggle bug too. Oh, and as if to make a point, she has been calling my dad "daddy" for the last day or so as well. Every once in a while she calls him grandpa but quickly corrects herself. She talked to her dad on the phone today and called him "dad." Then when we hung up she said "that was my Andrew dad." Let me say that I have not encouraged this stuff, I just listen when it happens, but I think it is extremely interesting! I really see her making an intentional statement that I don't think most 2 year olds are capable of.

I have had a lot of fun with her one on one. We played with her favorite Christmas gift today, her new train. She made train noises for probably an hour. At some point she got tired of my help and said "that's enough mommy, I'll do it now."

Oh, and she got a haircut. It's funny because with my first two girls I never wanted to cut their hair. Come to think of it I have a double standard about that because I still don't want their hair short, but with Sophia it's different. Anyway her hair was in a weird stage and looking very uneven so she got a bob. It's so stinkin' cute!