Saturday, December 15, 2007


I cleaned my house practically all day long. I cleaned out the pantry, swept the kitchen, and then I started cleaning out the fridge. Well I accidentally knocked a FULL bottle of syrup out of the fridge. My immediate response was to yelp because it had landed on my toe, and it hurt... but then I realized the entire bottle of syrup was leaking out onto my floor. Yep the bottom fell out of the syrup. It wasn't just a bottle of syrup either it was from COSTCO!!! Oh my gosh it sucked! Anyway so while I was cleaning that up I got an up close and personal look at the vent thingy at the bottom of my fridge and I was disgusted. But wait there's more! I then turned around and noticed how gross my stove looked from that angle. It's amazing how much dust, fingerprints spills and who knows what else falls and drips on the oven! It had to be dealt with. So I gave a quick once over to a few of those things, plus the range hood and a few cabinets that had milk or something spilt on them at least one time too many. UGH. Then I vacuumed the living room and went out and cleaned the rug that I had pulled out of my house when Sophia threw up. I finally got the rug put back in my living room. While performing all of those oh so fun tasks I was snapping at the kids to get their rooms clean. They did an ok job of it. I got my room picked up too - which is good because I can't deal with messes where I sleep! I still have clean laundry to fold AND dirty laundry to do. Oh, and I didn't dust... but at this point I'm just happy to know that if anyone drops by my house unexpectedly - I wouldn't die of embarrassment. Not that anyone drops by unannounced anymore anyway!
After all of my efforts to get my house in order I went to church. Then I went to a party at the Risingers. I had a blast! Someone told me they loved my laugh... not a compliment I've ever received before but it was was cool! I'm so glad I went, I only wish I could have stayed longer.

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MamaSue said...

Gotta love Mr Clean Erasers! You really do go around looking for other stuff to clean. I only wish Costco sold them by the crate.