Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This is what Christmas morning looks like with four kids...

Between the vast quantities of miscellaneous stuff the kids brought home from their dad's last night and the half dozen small gifts each from me... oh and the stockings full of junk I'd never let them eat on a normal day... this is what my living room looked like post chaos this morning! I had cleaned probably half of the mess up BEFORE I took this picture so you can only imagine what it would looked like before I picked up! I'm just glad all their stuff from Christmas at my grandparents the other night is still in the car!
What am I going to do with all of this STUFF??? We haven't even done our "big" Christmas. That one will happen Thursday, with gifts from my parents and Mark & Adrianne. I'm sure at some point we'll get a collection of stuff from their other grandparents as well. It all seems so ridiculous to me!
A part of me thinks I should get them each ONE gift every year and try to get their dad to stick to that rule too (yeah right!!!). The thing is that we don't need all this stuff! I get that it's fun for them and maybe I'm just being too practical - it has been known to happen - but I am almost irritated and the wastefulness of the whole thing.
I can't wait till my kids are all old enough to go serve somewhere on Christmas so they can see that, even if we don't have much, we have so much more than we really need!

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