Saturday, December 22, 2007

I think I might finally be feeling like Christmas!!!

The gifts have all been purchased, and wrapped, with the exception of two I picked up yesterday and one more I left in my sister in law's car so my dad wouldn't see it. My house is as decorated as it usually gets - or close enough. I have to go get the ingredients today for my sweet potatoes that I'm bringing to my grandparents house tomorrow. It occurred to me yesterday that "they" always talk about how good sweet potatoes are for you. I'm pretty sure they never looked at mine! A whole stick of butter and, so much brown sugar that I don't bother to measure it, kind of kills the health factor I'm sure! I'm fairly certain the apple I add doesn't do anything to redeem the dish! Oh, and don't forget the marshmallows because in case the brown sugar wasn't quite enough we need to add a years worth of white sugar to the mix! I love that my brother, who hated sweet potatoes our whole life, loves my sweet potatoes. What I think I love even more is the fact that he is Mr. Super health conscious and I know that he probably consumes a years worth of sugar from them alone. It's my own secret conspiracy...that's not a secret anymore huh?!?!

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