Thursday, December 27, 2007

I think Christmas is over...and I'm glad!

It's not that I don't love Christmas, I do! In fact, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just feel like I have eaten nothing but high calorie high fat junk for the last few weeks. All I can think about is getting on the treadmill and running it all off. I haven't gained any weight, thanks in part to that ulcer, but I still feel disgusting. My running project has been derailed by all of the craziness and I'm sure that's a contributing factor to my feeling so sluggish!

Another thing that has gotten to me is a renewed awareness of just how wasteful it seems to buy STUFF that no one really needs. I didn't spend much this year - I'm always pretty frugal but as a single mom, this year was even more so. In my mind that is a blessing. Still, I find myself perplexed about why I spend so much on things that no one will remember I gave them in a few short weeks. By far the most amazing gifts I received this year had no real monetary cost associated with them. It's not that I don't enjoy giving things or getting them for that matter it just seems there must be a simpler way to celebrate.

Someone gave my brother and sister-in-law a goat or not for them to keep... but for a village somewhere that could actually benefit from it. That seems perfect to me. Every year I struggle with what to give my dad or my brother who want for nothing. I'll admit that buying for girls is easier and frankly a lot more fun! Still I think next year I'm going to buy goats, or a well for some village or something and call it a day. Sure my dad will enjoy playing horseshoes on our new property but would he have missed them if the money had been spent instead on something life changing for someone who has actual NEEDS?! I'm not Scrooge... I don't advocate dashing the hopes of joyful children. Goodness knows I'd pay for that over a lifetime if I were - ahhh the therapy bills - but can't we make it a little more simple?

It's probably good I have a whole year to contemplate how I will "do" Christmas next year. I hope to find a way to focus more on Him and less on the stuff that in the end is completely worthless compared to the real reason we celebrate.

Here's hoping I didn't just come off sounding like a whole lot of Bah-humbug!!! As usual my filter is, well, nonexistent!

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