Friday, December 14, 2007

I love this stuff..

and it will probably sound crazy to you but, as usual, I'm willing to risk it. I'm sitting on the couch in some seriously mismatched pj's not really feeling like being awake. The guys came to pour a slab in my backyard and started knocking on my door before 6 am! Seeing as I went to bed about 2 am that isn't nearly enough sleep! (by the way that isn't part of what I love!!!) Abby is sitting behind me with a comb and a spray bottle full of water combing my hair. I'm sure I look beautiful... in the "a face (or in this case a hairdo) only a mother could love" kind of way. Then there's Sophia who is sitting on the toilet singing at the top of her lungs as usual. In addition, Isaiah has decided that he really needs to write his great grandpa a thank you note for the money he got for his birthday... over a month ago. Now he's right, he really should write a thank you note. Well he should have written the note about three weeks ago so when we finally give grandpa the note at Christmas it will be a lovely source of embarrassment for me, the slacker mom, but you can't exactly tell a kid NOT to write a thank you note! I need to get laundry done like STAT because the kids have a performance tonight and their "uniforms" are not clean. My living room is a mess - well and to be honest so is the rest of my house - but my Christmas tree is beautiful enough to distract me from the mess! Isn't it fabulous?!?!?

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