Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I can't remember the last time...

I spent an entire day in pj's! I watched four movies, three with the kids. Now to be fair the first two were a little worn out for me - HSM2 and Jungle Book. I've seen both too many times to count. The third was some made for TV movie that my parents bought on the cheap... but it was decent. Then I put the kids to bed and watched Last Holiday with my parents.
I got to snuggle in and take a nap with Sophia. Ella snuggled me through an entire movie, oh and she did my makeup. I would post photos but frankly I'm entirely too vain! Isaiah's favorite gift was the Bible I bought him. It is a pretty cool Bible with a camouflage metal cover. Abby gave me my fair share of snuggles today too. At some point I realized that she must have had too much candy and/or too little sleep because she was running in circles. I figured she was either buzzing from sugar overload or trying very, very hard not to fall asleep! It was a good day. I'm ready for bed...and I don't even have to change!

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lovemyguys said...

You know, a lot can be said for sitting around in your own stink all day! Not much beats it!