Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I almost lost my mind

I had volunteered to babysit on Tuesday night. It wasn't your run of the mill babysitting gig though. First of all I'm not a high schooler, second I come with four kids of my own and third...I had volunteered to babysit four more.

So I figured easy deal right?!?! Ok actually I figured it would either be super easy because all the kids would keep themselves occupied or it would be complete pandemonium because there were eight exhausted children in one house. Oh and by the way the ages of the kids were as follows: two 2 year olds, two 4 year olds, one 6 year old, an eight year old, one nine year old and a ten year old.

I brought my laptop knowing my friends have wireless access at their house so I figured in the event the evening stayed calm I'd be able to putz around online and maybe blog or something. Well the kids were awesome. I heard almost nothing from them the whole night. Fortunately it wasn't that "you know they're up to no good" kind of quiet! It was just a well behaved children all having fun kind of quiet. Here's where I almost lost my mind... I'm sitting there, with no fires to put out and (I feel like I need horror movie music here.... DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!) the internet wasn't working!!! AHHHHHHHGGGGG. It was horrible! Now that would have been manageable if I had been able to find a grown up to talk to or if I had say, I don't know, brought a book to read or something...

I did finally find a friend to text with for a while but otherwise I think I might have gone completely crazy!

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