Sunday, December 9, 2007

Exposing my Immaturity

Last night after the last of my four kids had their turn at the vomit-go-round I went to work producing a little vomit of my own. No not the churned from my stomach was actually churned from ingredients from my cupboard. Why, you might wonder, would a grown woman be in the kitchen purposely attempting to make something you would expect 6th grade boys to want to make? Well, let me tell you...I needed to get a little payback. You see Adam over at likes to act like a 3rd grade boy and see how close he can make me come to vomiting at every opportunity. Recently he wrote this in response to my "Abby is a Rockstar" blog:

"I'm surprised you even typed the word vomit. That's a big step for you.I know how the word vomit bugs you...also words like feces, phlegm, urine, puss, snot, boogers, scabs, oh yeah, scabs is a good one, and not the fully healed crusty kind, but that chewy soft, oozy kind...with a little gangrene...I could go on."

I decided I was tired of it so I thought I'd deliver what he seemed to want. So about 5 minutes before the Christmas show during first service I left a Ziploc bag of some disturbingly realistic imitation puke on Adams music stand. The best part is I had "accidentally" involved my very straight laced brother in my little prank by showing him my handiwork before hand. So when Adam saw the gift on his music stand my brother said "it looks like vomit." Presumably a short moment after that Adam turned around to see me looking quite guilty from my seat in the third row. Guilty perhaps...sorry, not yet!

Sadly he was apparently proud of his gift and was showing it off to the people in the tech booth after the show. So now I think I've begun a prank war...and I may have played right into the hands of the 3rd grade boy mentality I was trying to get payback on! Now I'm a little worried.

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Wobbly Librarian said...

Oh, it is fun in the tech booth- Can't let out all the secrets of what goes on during the services.... but we have fun....