Saturday, November 24, 2007

Totally Stupid Fun!

On Sunday I hung out with Adrianne. Well actually I hung out with my brother and my niece too for a while, but then just us moms went for a pedicure. Well after an hour and a half in a vibrating chair my brain was like mush. Not to mention my legs feeling like rubber. When we were done with the pedicures we decided to go shopping. We wandered a few other stores, then we went to Target. Well I was feeling goofy and sleep deprived...not to mention a little too relaxed from that pedicure chair and decided to climb in the basket. Adrianne was game to play like stupid teenagers so she pushed me around for a few isles while people laughed at us. One old guy asked if we were drunk...and I said he said something about it being a whole lot of fun to be having sober. It was pretty funny.

Adrianne kept asking me when I was going to post the photo careful what you ask for girl cuz I might just have to throw one of you on too...

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