Monday, November 5, 2007

So far so good...

The kids have been away over 24 hours now and I am surviving! I slept great...though not long enough because I played too much yesterday and I have way too much to do before they get back!

My coffee date was fun, even if it was a bit too short. Then I hung with Wendi. We stopped by what is probably my all time favorite restaurant, North Woods Inn - my kids call it the peanut place because they serve peanuts and you can drop your shells on the floor. I picked up my favorite thing to go...rice. Yes, rice! It's this awesome, I don't even know how to describe it, stuff! The great part is it's about the only thing that hasn't made my stomach hurt for the last month and a half so I bought a half gallon of the stuff...seriously I did...and I brought it home. That's all I'm gonna be eating for the next 4-5 days!!! Yummy! It's ten in the morning and I'm about to go heat up a bowl of rice.

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