Thursday, November 15, 2007

My brother the rock star

He already got some love here a while back so I'll spare you all the bragging this time I just wanted to mention that Quick Before Sinking will be at Java Bliss in Riverside again tonight from 7-9. Come watch my doctor brother transform into my brother the rock star...ok or at least come and watch him do the facial contortions that come naturally when he plays. That my friends would be worth the trip even if the music wasn't good. The music however is great, and if the last time was any indication the company will be awesome too.


Christina Ellis said...

Can't wait! See you tonight!

Leu Leu said...

Geez, you are addicted to this blogging thing...all I can say is "WOW!" You are too freaking funny! I hope your having fun! I had another inspiration tonight. Write or call for the details! I'm going for it...don't care if people don't think I can do it cuz I can do ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO DANGIT! Miss you and love you lots Liss!:)