Friday, November 30, 2007

A journey

On Monday, May 14th of this year I wrote this:

"So when life is really tough and you need a random something to give you a boost...have you ever gotten it in a way you would never have asked for? I did - and it has become a beacon of light for me. A symbol of God's amazing way of creating beauty out of ugliness for those who love Him. I hate to be the center of attention - unless of course I'm being the ham-I-am intentionally...but this was not one of those moments! I was singled out publicly with a large audience as witnesses and my instinct was to dive for cover under the chair in front of me...but I refrained...and I was blessed because of it. O.K. so never mind that diving under said chair would have caused me far more embarrassment than sitting still! It didn't end there. After I was given an already incredible gift (a drawing created during a sermon at church...though in all honesty it would probably have ended up languishing unframed until it was destroyed), I was approached by a man who offered to frame it for me free! I don't know what the future holds but I know that my God is great and regardless of my circumstances He will make ALL THINGS beautiful - because I love Him!"

Here I sit some 6 plus months later and I am blessed every day by that piece of art. It hangs above my bed in my room. Every time I look at it I am reminded that God has a plan for me. Sometimes I study the individual lines and sometimes I see the picture as a whole. It has remained in many ways that beacon of light to me. I remember at the time saying that one day I would look at that picture and either see the time when my marriage was redeemed or the time when God gave me new life. Either way I knew I'd be grateful. Well I do see that picture as a sort of marker for the time when God gave me new life. I am still studying the individual lines in that picture of my new life but I know that one day God will show me the picture as a whole. Even still I am very, very grateful!

(Oh and the artist is Jon Risinger )

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