Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you are easily offended...skip this post!

I just had to drop another blog post on you all to tell you my favorite moments from the QBS gig tonight... The first is going to require a little background so here goes. Do you remember the Saturday Night Live skits with Chris Kattan as orgasm guy? If not go find a video of it somewhere! It's freaking hilarious!!! Anyway, my brother does a mean impression of orgasm guy, completely unintentionally, every time he plays. When you couple that visual with Adam talking about his "G string" it all gets pretty dirty and incredibly funny in my book. You all know I have no filter so when I put my thoughts down for everyone to read I run the risk of this being the result. I'm pretty sure my brother is mortified right now. As for Adam, well I'm not sure but I don't have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with him so if he thinks I'm crazy for posting this I'll live. Filth aside, the music was awesome and the company fabulous. Next time you should be there - whoever you are!

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