Thursday, November 1, 2007

I think I'm over Divorce Recovery.

After my little fight last week with the woman who insulted my friend I was a little apprehensive about going again on Monday. To make matters worse my partner in crime was sick so he wasn't there. If I had known that before I got there I probably wouldn't have gone. Anyway so the same woman who got all huffy with me last week goes on a diatribe about how much easier divorce is for people like me who go through it in their 30's when they are young. There was much more that she had to say about that but I was so done hearing it that I tuned it out. Obviously I was born on a different planet...because I think a man can be a great parent even to a sick child. I must also be delusional because I think being left with four kids, no job and no assets at 30 might not be any easier than being left with a house, a car and multiple properties all paid for in full in your 50's...If a support group is gonna call that support I think I'd rather keep to myself thanks!

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