Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I sent a text message to a friend who has been one of my biggest encouragements during the selection process for the dispatch position. I was super excited to tell him my good news. I knew he would be working so I didn't call I did the text thing. I get a message back saying "great congratulations" followed about five minutes later with "I got laid off today"... Can I just say that sucked! How do you celebrate a success and mourn a loss with a friend at the same time. To his credit he was super excited for me but it was a hard place for me to be! It was good in a way too though because for all the support he has been to me I got to sit with him last night and remind him that the measure of his worth is not in a job, or finances. God actively seeks us and our value is in Him. Even when we do not measure up to the standards of this world, or even our own, God loves us completely. So last week I was praying that his job would be secure...now we are praying that his house sells and fast! Anyone you know looking for a home in Newport Beach?

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