Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As promised...

I said I'd let you know how Killarney's was...and I will but first I have to tell you about my first stop. I met up with my friend and we went to meet a bunch of other people at this total DIVE bar called Sire I think. Ok, now I don't go to places like this and it was completely outside of my comfort zone! On the upside I spent a whole $2.50 on a taco and coke. There were these nasty men milling around because we were a table of (almost) all in bars are NASTY! I would repeat that for effect but I think you get the point. After most of the women in the group were sufficiently drunk to actually enjoy the attention of said nasty men we left. A few of the nasty's even followed behind...I kid you not!

We all end up at Killarney's. It was comedy night...or at least that's what they were calling it. I didn't spend a penny there...which is probably good because I would have wanted my money back on account of the false advertising. Seriously there was a "comic" doing stand up when we walked in and his topic of choice was gay joke, pardon the pun. How is making fun of gay people funny to anyone in 2007? Well I guess the answer is that it isn't, because not one person was laughing! There were three different comics in the 45 minutes I stuck around and you know what? Not a single one was funny. Their material ranged from the gay jokes to making fun of people in the crowd who, according to the comic looked more like "father and daughter" than a couple...except that they didn't look mismatched in age at all so the joke was patently un-funny! Then there was the guy who asked if anyone in the room had kids...and then wanted to know who left them home alone and who left them alone in the car...I am not a comic, but I am funnier than any of these guys were...WAY funnier!

After 45 minutes I decided I'd had my fill of the so called comedy and I left. I did a very old lady-ish thing. I went to the market to get some milk and then I stopped at the donut shop on the way home. When I walked in the door with donuts my dad immediately went to work making coffee...Here is where the story gets sad...I had way more fun with my parents and a box of donuts than I did at Killarney's comedy night! At least I can laugh at that!

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