Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sometimes my blog obsession gets a bit too intense

I read blogs, then I see links to other blogs of people I totally don't know and I go read them. Then I read the blogs of the people who's blogs they read...this time that lead to me reading the back dated blogs for the last month on the blog of someone I've never met...and crying for an hour!
On the upside, I needed to be brought to my senses. Frankly I can deal with Miss whats-her-whore, er I mean name, pinching my kid if I have to (I'll put up a big old fight about it to be sure though). That doesn't even come close to being in the same ballpark as the stuff I just read for the last hour. I am thankful to have my kids to fight for! Especially after reading the story of a couple who's baby died at 8 days old from a birth defect, how they are living through it and how they had to explain it all to their 3 year old daughter.
Yep I'll take a fight over what to call daddy's girlfriend over planning a memorial service for my own kid any day of the week! Just a little perspective for me.

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MamaSue said...

Ah, perspective. God's gift (or is a little spanking?) to the overly self-involved. We all need it, and He is certainly adept at dishing it out!