Sunday, October 21, 2007

pretty feet

So today I picked up some pepcid like my brother told me to. I took it before I ate...and it helped...a little bit. That is a good thing! I wandered aimlessly for a while because I had no plans and none of my friends were free. I didn't want to drive too far because in the 10 miles I did drive I saw four overturned big rigs and other large vehicles! It was crazy!

Then my friend came to the rescue. She came to hang with me at my house - which was a death defying feat since she had to drive through the same sandstorms and overturned vehicles to get here - but she came. We went and got pedicures and had dinner together. Oh, and played a little competitive internet dating. Ok well I made that last part up...kind of. We did wade through the stacks of emails we've both been getting from all the boys on our respective dating websites. Hers are a bit more interesting though...but that's probably because she's is doing her internet dating search through some place called Sugardaddie dot com...Seriously! That isn't exactly my style - ha, ha!

Anyway, now I have pretty feet...see...


Alyssa said...

Yay for pedicures I think they are the ultimate treat for your feet! And it is always more fun to go with girlfriends!

lovemyguys said...

Mom and I did that yesterday, too!! I love pretty halloween toes. I got white tips with little orange dots. Very cute! And after halloween, they will be Ducks toes!