Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Love/Hate Relationship...

I have one with food. I love food, I really do! Ask any of my girlfriends. I especially love junk food...well at least I did. My body has this special feature that shuts down my stomach when I'm under stress, or so it seems. I tried to do the whole mind over matter thing. If I just eat it will be more bite, and then another. It shouldn't be that difficult. Well today I ignored that switch thing that happens with a strange regularity at about bite four and kept eating. I ended up eating a cup of soup (yes it's a theme...soup seems easy for me right now...) and four (yes I know another theme) bites of pie. I pushed past the pain and forced it in...but then I was miserable. Not like just a little uncomfortable. I was in agony for the next hour. Then my body revolted. I'll spare you the details but basically I might as well have not eaten. I'm still in pain and it's been almost 6 hours since I put any food in my mouth. This is not normal, I'm aware. What I can't figure out is how to fix it. One thing is for sure though...I'm not going to keep eating past the point where my body wants to stop again!!! It's not worth the price I'm paying now!

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