Thursday, October 4, 2007

Long day...but productive!!!

It started with a DV this morning. Right after they got picked up we (me and my parentals) headed down to the Riverside County building department. We go there to try and submit plans for the house we are trying to build on the land we have already purchased in Perris. I say try (and trying) because it seems the doing is a whole lot harder than one would think! We ask all the questions we can think up and get all the answers they can give us, only to find out they weren't quite the right answers....or as I have grown fond of saying...they assign you a new tail to chase. Once you find that tail they'll make sure there is a new one! In any event we got there at about 10:15 a.m. and waited, forever. After three trips back - or was it four, I can't even remember now - we FINALLY got our plans submitted. We paid enough in fees to sustain a small country for a year, but it's in. Now we get to wait for them to tell us about all the things that are wrong with our plans so we can fix it!

In the mix of all the trips to the building department we picked up the kids from daddy. The girls all had freshly painted nails. I knew daddy wasn't behind the artwork! I wanted to buy a bottle of remover and scrub that crack-whore's nail polish off of my babies pretty little fingers...but I didn't. I smiled and told them it was pretty when they showed them off to me. At some point today Ella asked if Miss Amber was my friend. I had to think quick because I can't say what I really think of the her in front of the kids so I said "sure, I guess." Well somehow in Ella-land that translated into this... "grandpa - Miss Amber is mommy's new best friend!" Thankfully I wasn't in the car at the time or I may not have been able to hold my tongue!!! Oh, then Abby was listing all the people she loves...and she got to "Miss Amber" and she stopped. She asked me "mommy is it ok for me to love Miss Amber?" I said (after gulping silently) "sure baby - that's fine" AHHHHHHHHHHH - that sucks. I told my mom though, if Miss Amber was any other person they would come in contact with in a school or childcare setting I would think it was good for them to bond with her. I just have to look at it that way because I know, in my heart, that it's better for my kids to like her if they have to be around her. The truth is though it would be easier for me if they saw her for exactly what she is, and their daddy too for that matter.

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