Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just a great day...

I left the house kid free at about 9:30 this morning with no real aim. I did need drugs to cut short the misery of the cold that is coming upon me so I stopped at Walgreen's. I went to pick out which drug would do the best job and when I reached for a box I found my fingertips covered in something that vaguely resembled neosporin... do you know me? cuz if you do you surely know how this made me feel! A little bit sick to my stomach, kind of hot and cold all at the same time and just generally disgusted. So I managed to wipe off what I could and proceed to buy my stuff...right before I head to the bathroom to disinfect my hand.

Then I decided I needed coffee. My pick for best mocha goes to Coffee Bean these days so I headed over to the handy drive through. Got myself some caffeine, water and a coffee cake. I took the drugs I had bought, a few sips of coffee (ok or about half of it) and a couple of bites of the yummy thing I pretended was breakfast when it happened again... I couldn't eat! I'm kind of annoyed by the whole thing because I really love food! Unfortunately for the past 3 weeks or so I have been totally unable to finish anything that would resemble a meal to a normal person. I've lost like 13 lbs or something - which I'm not complaining about but at some point I'd like to be able to eat again!

Anyway then I headed to downtown Riverside. I love antique stores. I have four kids. I get to go in antique stores...almost never. So I went. All by myself. It was FABULOUS! Then I wandered through the little farmers market thing that was happening near the antique store. I talked to a friend on the phone on the way back to the car. After my downtown excursion I headed to "the plaza" Now is that an official name or just what the cool people call it? I don't know but I went there. I went into Borders, picked up a book, and read the whole thing in like an hour and a half.

From Borders I stopped by to visit a friend for a little bit. Then I decided I should try food again. I should have known better. I think I got about 4 bites in before the switch flipped. So I was off to church. The kids DV ended in the church parking lot today. That was interesting. I wondered if he would walk in to church since he had come that far...he didn't...but after hearing the message he really should have. After church we went to dinner with my parents. I had a cup (yes a cup, not a bowl) of soup...well I didn't finish it but close, and 4 bites of my favorite pie. The good news is I probably had enough calories to count for an entire day in that meal because let's be honest...Marie's potato cheese isn't low calorie fare!

I got home and put the kids to bed. They are all sleeping soundly. I am alone, it's quiet, and I might just read another book. That is if I can keep my mind off tomorrow for long enough to concentrate! Did I mention that I'm excited? Oh, in case I didn't...I'm excited...

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