Monday, October 22, 2007

It's fire season my friends...

What does that mean...well today it means my parents have been evacuated. There seem to be fires all over the mountain. At least this time they had the opportunity to take some things that are of sentimental value before they left. They also cleared out the fridge. This might seem an odd thing to do but if you know what happened last time you'd understand. You see the last time there was a fire they were evacuated for 11 days. The electricity was off for at least that long and well...just contemplate for a moment what your fridge would smell like if all the meat and fish and, well, other stuff in there sat unrefrigerated for a week and a half...just typing that made my gagger go a little crazy! Anyway, they had to get a new fridge. Hopefully this time they will have a home to go back to, and a fridge that isn't funky!

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