Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's been a little while...but I'm back

I've had a crazy week or so. The DV's are now happening at daddy house, complete with daddy's new family. Abby who is four came home saying "I don't want daddy to live with Miss Amber, I don't want daddy to kiss Miss Amber and I don't want daddy to smoke with Miss Amber" all between sniffles and whimpers. This effing sucks! Can I say that again, or do I even need to?
Isaiah says daddy calls Miss Amber's son "boo-boo" which is a name he used to call Isaiah. Now Isaiah says daddy only calls him "mijo" and it makes him sad. I can't fix it. So I just try to comfort them in their pain. They have been asking if daddy will go to heaven if he dies. I don't know the answer to that so I just tell them so. It's interesting how profound that is. For them to see his sin, and know the consequences all the while hoping that he will turn from it. They would like to think that something the do or say will change things. I assure them that they cannot fix it. The latest question has been "what if daddy breaks up with Miss Amber and makes the right choices...then could he come back and live with us?" The answer of course is a resounding HECK NO...but only in my mind. I try, though I don't know how successfully, to explain to them that he had an opportunity to make that choice and when he made the wrong one there were consequences. Even if he changed his choices now the consequences would still be there. I tell them we should pray for daddy to make right choices even though it won't change his consequences within our family because it would still be what God wants him to do. These are tough conversations. Mixed into those conversations come the sex questions..."how does the daddy get the sperm to the mommy's egg?" We've covered this before, I think they just want to hear it again so they can all yell "EWWWW" but whatever. I'll take comedy any way I can get it!

The other big thing that is going on is that, in a moment of apparent anger, Drew filed a response to my original separation filing. He did it just in time to put a halt on the settlement agreement we had reached, signed and filed with the court. Literally the day after he filed his response the judge had our agreement on his desk...if it had happened the other way around it would have all gone smoothly through. Instead I ended up having to go file an amendment to my original petition, serve him again (today) and wait 30 days to refile our agreement. It's all just a paperwork nightmare but as long as he doesn't panic again things should still work for the divorce to be final in January. I can't even express how much I am looking forward to the day it is officially done! Oh, and I got a parking ticket at the courthouse. It's not that big of a deal, only $13.50 but in my life that's probably about like your $250...all because I guess I can't read signs. I guess I parked in an area designated for carpooling, only I could have sworn it said 3 hour parking. I biffed it, so I'll be paying for it!

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