Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm better...

It's been a funky couple of days but it's getting better. I still have stuff to deal with but I'm not feeling so weighted down by it today. I also got a good talking to by my neighbor who happens to also be a pastor...things don't seem so overwhelming now. He also had some interesting insights into my life that were news to me. It was kind of nice to know what someone was seeing from the outside. I'm feeling a buzz of energy...like some things I have been anticipating are getting closer to becoming a reality.
Then there's the fact that I'm realizing I'm not very good at being who God calls me to be sometimes. I know I have to be ok with being a work in progress. I don't like it but I'm learning.
Exhaustion is kicking my back end. The obvious solution is, of course, to blog. Tonight I think I will sleep well though. No morning DV to get the kids up and ready for! I am going to spend some more time at the building department tomorrow. That should be fun! It seems they have decided we need a grading plan/permit. We aren't doing any grading but never mind that. They really just want the money anyway.
I find myself anticipating my future with great excitement. Part of my problem is that the wait is sometimes just so utterly frustrating. There are a lot of loose ends in my life right now but I know in His time they will be tied up perfectly! Maybe it's ok every once in a while for me to have a couple of days of gloomy feelings because it makes the blue skies that much more brilliant.

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