Friday, October 26, 2007

I happy now?

They told me they wanted to take blood to check for the thing that causes most ulcers - it's called H. Pylori or something like that. Then they told me they wanted me to do some test with my..."stool"...I told the kind doctor that I have four kids and changing a diaper still gives me the way in hell I'm gonna be playing with my own poo! Yes Marko I actually said that. Anyway she laughed at me and then said that she'd let it slide...unless my blood work comes back showing that I'm anemic. If it does she said she would push the issue. Then she asked if I had been under any extra stress recently...I laughed and said maybe just a little. Anyway she said, as if this would be news to me, that it sounded like I have an ulcer. She gave me some meds and said that if the blood work comes back with the H. whatever in it she'll put me on an antibiotic.

Anyway I just wanted to get you all off my back. I did it, I went, I'm not being irresponsible with my health anymore....or at least not at the moment. You happy now?