Thursday, October 18, 2007

I think I'm gonna be a groupie...

Because I love my brother! He and some of his friends are crazy awesome musicians and they are playing together as Quick Before Sinking at Java Bliss in Riverside tonight. I'm really looking forward to going. I haven't bragged on my brother here yet so I decided today is the day.
My OLDER brother Mark is pretty amazing. He is older by 22 months - did I mention that he's older? He also got in way more trouble as a kid than I ever did!!! Anyway he's like King Midas. Everything he touches turns to gold. Well kind of...he works really hard, and he's super smart so he's earned it. He's a doctor, he golfs really well - wow I bet that's a surprise! I'm sure he'll never take me golfing again because I tried it once and I suck at it. He does however take my boy out golfing. I think Isaiah could be pretty good too, especially if Mark keeps playing with him. He plays the bass, and he's great at it. He can play piano pretty well too...better than I ever could because he can hear a song and pick it out like it's no big deal. He is a loving husband, a great father and has stepped it up with Isaiah to show him how a real man shows love.
When we were growing up he was intermittently my best friend and fiercest enemy...Here's a little known fact that he may wish I would keep quiet forever... When we were bored during the summer we would sometimes go to the library. We used to check out books about how to do wrestling moves like the WWE guys. We would then go home, pull the mattress off the bed and flip each other like crazy wrestlers. I bet you are wondering where our mom was in all of this. Well for some strange reason she was ok with it. That doesn't really fit her personality but somehow she managed to let us throw ourselves over each other's shoulders onto our mattresses for hours on end.
Just for the record...I'm pretty sure I could still take him down! Oh, and I love you Marky-doodle!

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