Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A great friend...

My friend called last night. It's funny how well she knows me. She knew with frightening precision what was going on in my head...and why...without having spoken to me in several days. I love having a friend like her. She understands why I think like I do...and a lot of the time she thinks the same way. She also calls me out hard on stuff sometimes, and will ask the hardest questions I've ever been faced with. I never feel attacked by it...or sometimes I do, but I know that's not the spirit of the discussion. When she asks the tough questions I am pushed to consider things beyond my original way of thinking...she challenges me and it stretches me. We can debate things and even disagree but it never divides. Last night was different though. Somehow she knew that what I needed wasn't challenge, or stretch. She knew that in these moments what I needed was compassion, and love. I can tell her anything and it never gets used against me. I needed to talk with her...and God knew it, but I didn't call...she did. Thanks Wendi for listening when God prompts your heart. Even in the midst of your own struggles and that unyielding postpartum fog you hear, and act. I love you!

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