Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun stuff...

Last night was cool. Actually yesterday was cool altogether. There was a lot of driving...close to 200 miles if my estimate is in the ballpark! I spent time at my parents house in Lake Arrowhead and was all over Riverside and into Corona. The best part for me though hands down was last night. My brother and the guys from Quick Before Sinking rocked the house...or the lawn but lets not get all technical. I'm thinking they may need to get learning Free Bird though...can't have requests go unmet!
It was fun to be out with my entire grown up family! It was good to catch up with friends too. Just good stuff!

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lovemyguys said...

HAHA!! Freebird. Bill is silly through my five-year-old. It was good times. Cam is a pretty cool kid, huh?