Sunday, September 16, 2007

That didn't last long...

My new "roommate" moved out (kind of)... She was tired of the drive from Egypt to Glendora and points beyond (LA, Hollywood etc) for her kids school/soccer etc and her own work commitments so she decided to move most of her stuff to her sister in law's extra room. Her sister in law is a newly single mom to an autistic 3 year old because my friend's brother just left her and moved to Texas. Do you see where I'm going with this? Oh, and the s-i-l lives two minutes away from daddy dearest who was peering through the windows of my friend's room with a video camera barely a week ago. I'll probably have my parents back around most of the time again which will be good for me. My friend will most likely come here on the weekends. It's all good except that we've been through this before. If history is any indication, and it usually is, my friend will end up living back at her parents house with her crazy dad and we'll do this all again in a year or so! She is so used to her family drama that it seems normal to her. It blows my mind but I guess you can't save 'em all!

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