Saturday, September 22, 2007

A little too much party...

I took Ella to her Caylin's birthday party at Color me mine on Friday afternoon. Then she went to sleep at Caylin's house, aka "momma Christie's house." Momma Christie is Ella's godmother and I'm pretty sure Ella could give me up for her if she had to...which I'm actually ok with since I know how much momma Christie love Ella too! My parents had the other three because after that party I had a girls night scrapbooking get together thingy with some girlfriends in Riverside. I have never scrapbooked before - is that even a word? I don't know but anyway - I decided to give it a go just for an excuse to get out of the house without kids! The evening started at 8...well actually I didn't get there till 8:15, I was late and I hate being late... We had dinner and drinks. Then we got out our scrapbooking stuff and had some more drinks, then I realized how totally useless I am at the scrapbooking thing and had a little more to drink. I figured driving would be a bad idea. So I waited like 3 hours and by then all the girls had quit scrapbooking (and most of them had quit drinking too)! By then I could probably have driven home legally but I was so tired I didn't think I'd make it there in one piece so I crashed at one of the girl's houses.
I wake up this morning and have a killer omelette, thanks Nadine!!! Then it was off to pick up Ella from her other mommy. I was already running way behind schedule! I get home load up the kids and take them for the DV (daddy visit - I'll abbreviate from now on when I remember to). I go home, help my mom finish decorating the Barbie cake for my aunt Barbie's birthday party in Torrance today. Uncle Ken threw Aunt Barbie a big bash for her 50th and yes those are their real names. I jump in the shower, but give up on trying to make my hair look cute...rain sucks! We load up the cake in the car with Barbie (the doll) perched atop...We pick up the kids and head out for what should be about a one hour trip. A little over 2 hours later we arrive. My hair sucked and so did the traffic. Now somewhere along the way Barbie was wobbling off the cake so my mom picked her up and held her the rest of the trip. Can I tell you how funny it is to see a Barbie with her butt covered in frosting? I can honestly say I've never wanted to lick a Barbie's butt...until today. I was hungry and it was a long trip so shut up!
The kids played until they were falling over from exhaustion. I ate until I felt sick. On the way home my sister in law called in a panic, she has a family of rodents taking over her home and she is so freaked out she actually said (out loud) that she wished the flying roaches would come back if they would make the rats go, can we go for total eradication of the rodent and pest population here, because in my estimation neither of those are good options! Oh, and when we got home I was tucking the kids into bed and Isaiah asked "are you having another baby mom 'cuz your belly is sticking out" I said no I just ate too much at Barbie's party. He said "oh, well if you burp a lot it will go away by morning." Gotta love the wisdom of an 8 year old boy!!!
Just in case that wasn't enough, we have another party tomorrow after church...I don't think I'm gonna be eating though!

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