Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm glad I didn't write it off after the first week...

Still strange...but at least our leader dude didn't display his bits the same way this week! And by not in "the same way" I do not mean the other leg...I mean it was not displayed. Yeah!

I really needed a place to vent last night. There was a short list of 3 rules when I agreed that the kids could be picked up by the dad for the DV's. It took a whole two weeks for him to decide to break two in one day. I'm not trying to control the world, I just wanted the kids to have some time to adjust. It all seemed pretty logical to me, but then I am reminded that you can't fight the illogical with logic! Then there is the whole "undermining mommy's authority" project going on...it's insane to me that the other "parent" would tell the kids to "bug" mommy so he can get his way on something. Plus there's the display of cigarettes in his car - couldn't they be put in the glove box so the kids don't freak out? Sure you have a right to have them but do you really need the kids to see them? UGH. Can't he hide his stupidity for the kids sake? It's only 6 hours a week!

Anyway so it was good to have a place where there is at least one other person navigating idiot co parent issues! The best part wasn't even the actual support group but the hour long chat in the parking lot afterwards! I think I have a couple of new friends and maybe a few people I could go to coffee or a movie with who are going through similar issues. That was really my hope so if I have to sit through some interesting (and not in a good way) moments to get to the parking lot, it's worth it.

I am going to let the kids dive in to the potentially cold pool of daddy's house. Easing them in isn't working for him and I can't keep fighting about it. Eventually they're going to go there so If I have to figure out how to dry them off and warm them up afterwards then that will be my job.

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