Monday, September 10, 2007

I have a new roommate...

Well sort of. You see, since I became a single mom my parents have spent most nights at my house. The point was to provide some stability for the kids during the transition time. We had just had this whole conversation on Saturday night on the way to Pala to hear Steve Probst play with Hotel California. The kids are doing really well...for the most part. There isn't a daily level of stress and chaos like there was in the beginning. The kids are adjusting and life is good, even great some days for them (and most days for me).
Lest we sit back and rest on our laurels for a minute...I have a friend who is also a single mom. Way back when her marriage ended she stayed with us off and on for probably about a year. Since then she has been living with her parents and her two kids. Now her dad has been known (at least to me) to be unreasonably controlling and frankly a bit scary but family is family ya know... or at least until you find your dad peering through your window at night with a video camera!!! I kid you not, she caught him. Needless to say she and her kids need a place to stay. Her kids stay with their dad on the weekends a lot of times anyway so for now she will stay here and they will stay with their dad a little more than usual. To make matters worse, she just started her new job today. She's been out of work for 2 of the last 3 months so she is financially strapped to boot. Two single moms, six kids between us, and not a penny to spare...
I guess the way I see it is, my parents have a home. They were just staying here for the benefit of me and the kids. My friend needs a home so we'll just rearrange things for a while. I can't help anyone financially but I have a spare room, and I feel like that's where I can be His hands to someone else.
Oh, and by the way Hotel California was fun...The Eagles are the soundtrack to a train ride I took to Oregon when I was it was a bit of nostalgia. The funniest thing was my mom saying "do you know any of their music? How do you know this music?" She can't remember anything relating to pop culture so I'm pretty sure she thinks Steve and the guys wrote the stuff they played...or maybe I exaggerate, but only a little!

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