Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who knew that grown up's could be so...junior high!!!

So I'm sitting in church tonight and...the two little girls behind me were chatting it up, oh and fighting - yes actually fighting - during church. They were probably junior high age so I kinda chalked it up to that. Never mind they had more than enough adults around them to handle the situation. They all came in together so I assume at least one of them should have had the power to, at the very least, give them "the look" if you know what I mean. At some point the noise got particularly ridiculous so I turn to look and realize that I'm not just hearing the tweeny's behind me but also their moms or aunties or whatever. They were talking so loud that I could almost hear what they were saying. This went on for most of the service. Now this would have been annoying under normal circumstances but it was even worse because the message was pretty intensive. There was tons of information and even several references to not being distracted (by cell phones etc) so here I sit distracted by grown ups who should know better and the kids they didn't teach any better. Don't you love it. I gave that sideways glance a few times (to the ones who SHOULD have known better) but refrained from actually saying what I was itching to say...SHUT UP!!! I didn't think that would help matters, nor would it be particularly Christ like! It's amazing to me how clueless people can be.

Oh, as a side note - is anyone else annoyed by the Target ads that use the word "less" with certain prefixes. They don't seem to mind spelling word wrong if they can use it for their purposes... like "Fabu-less" come on people - marketing maybe, good marketing - no way!

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