Monday, August 13, 2007

Wanna watch me eat my words?

So remember when I said I might have to have my hands amputated for betraying me if I had failed the typing test I took a week or so ago??? Well I'm glad I have revocation rights on that comment...cuz I failed a typing test today! Can I first say that I'm not really dissapointed...just perplexed really. I can't figure out how I could loose 20 words per minute in a matter of a week or so. Now let me tell you that I had a bit of a crazy morning. I woke up late - my alarm clock didn't do it's job, or it did but I didn't hear it. Then I couldn't find the testing location. I finally found it and realized that they just didn't have the street number where it could be seen. I get there about 10 minutes early and shoot the breeze with another girl - by the way she failed too. We go in and take the test and I felt like I was in slow motion. Because I woke up late I was rushed and hadn't had any time to eat, come to think of it I hadn't had a drink either!!! I had prayed on the way there that I would do only as well as I was supposed to do on the test. I guess I was supposed to fail it?!? I get to retake it in about a month which is actually kind of a good thing. By then I will have taken the second part of the test with the Sheriff and know what I am in for. If I had passed the City typing test today I would have had to take that second part of the test this afternoon with them. Not having a practice run with the Sheriff first might have made me more nervous. So I woke up this morning planning to have a full day of testing...and I was home before 11 a.m. with nothing left to do for the day! I guess I'll have to relax instead...bummer, or not.

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