Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So I went to a birthday party...

At a skating rink, for a 40 year old...awesome. It was a kid friendly event so I went with all four of mine. None of them had ever skated before so I knew it would be interesting. I confidently (or at least with feigned confidence) strapped skates to all four kids, and myself. A funny thing happened. Ella fell, Abby fell, Isaiah fell, but Sophia...she looked like she'd been on skates her whole life. Well, o.k. maybe not her whole life but seriously she was amazing. She wanted on the skating rink and she didn't want to leave it. She also didn't want my help - except when she fell, but she didn't really fall too much anyway. She made her way around the rink several times without even holding on to the wall. Poor Abby and Ella looked like they might become one with the wall. Isaiah picked it up quicker than they did but even he was pretty unsure of himself. It was pretty funny.

So I learned something interesting...apparently skating rinks haven't gotten any new music since I was 7 years old. The music was all the same. My body, not so much! I remember when we could go to the skating rink and spend four hours flying in circles and never get tired. I'll pretend it was the fact that I had to go so slow and stop myself to pick my kids up off the floor so many times but...it's not as easy as it used to be! Oh, and for those of you who know my issues with germs, skating rinks are almost as fun as bowling alleys! My hands are a little dry today from too much sanitizer - but I survived.

I came home with an extra kid. Well, short one of my own and up two others. You see, Isaiah and Ella have been scheming to spend the night with the Arroyo kids for months. When it came down to it we were going to swap one for one - just the big kids. Well Abby was devastated - she is in love with 'Renzo and was miserable at the thought that she wasn't going to get to spend the night with her friend too. I ended up sending Ella with DeAnza and taking Marquez and Lorenzo with me. It was too cute! I get home and put the kids down on Isaiah's floor. They were lined up in a row - I should have taken a picture...but I didn't so you'll have to just take my word for it.

Random sidenote...Isaiah lost a tooth, the tooth fairy almost didn't make it, she "couldn't find his tooth" and stuck the money under a random extra pillow on his bed. Well the toothfairy didn't check to see how much she grabbed - she was in a hurry remember - and well, Isaiah got $6 (and kept his tooth)! He's been wanting to go to the bookstore and buy a book for a while now. He had decided he wanted to read Charlotte's Web - which I was stunned that we didn't already own but anyway - so we go to the bookstore and he buys it with his toothfairy money (and some help from mom). He read the entire book in less than a day. I don't want to tell him to read slower but I can't afford for him to read so fast! He owns probably two hundred books - but he's read them all at least twice. I would take him to the library but if you've been to the Rialto "library" you would understand why I don't! He might have more children's books than they do and his are better organized. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get a job to support his habbit - at least it's a good one!

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