Thursday, August 30, 2007

I took a little vacation

I went to the desert for two nights with Adrianne - my sister in law. We went to the spa and had hot stone massages - I highly recomend it! We stayed at Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells. The resort was beautiful, our room was awesome. We were right by the adults only pool which we took full advantange of. We ate, drank and were all around quite merry. The second night a couple of friends came out to join the party - shout out to Robin, Ashley and Christy! We went to dinner - mexican food and margaritas baby - thanks Ash for driving girl! Then after dinner I drug the girls with me to this tattoo shop I had found online. It looked like a nice place and I've been wanting to get my second one for a while now. I had seen one online that I liked but couldn't find it again so I drew it (the best I could with no artistic talent). When we got to the shop I looked to see if I could find one that was similar - I couldn't so I had to hand over my sorry excuse for "artwork" to the tattoo artist. He said it was actually an ok drawing...he made it look like it did in my head. The result...

Someday I'm gonna get another one...they're way to fun. Oh, and the guy that inked me - he was hot and he rides a harley...I'm just saying.


lovemyguys said...

Right on, Sister!!

Stacy said...

The tattoo looks great.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll have a longer look at yours this weekend but so far I like what I see.

Some wise folks have said that what we have in common is more than that which divides us. Maybe that's true about you and me as well.

Thanks for reading!

Sue said...

Hot stone massages totally ROCK. (Pun absoLUTEly intended!)

Sue said...

hot stone massages ROCK!!!

Sue said... deserves to be repeated.