Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I think I live in my car...

On Saturday I took my kids to a birthday party for their cousin. Before we left I packed up all the necessary supplies to spend a night at my aunt's house in Torrance with all the kids...and enough for the older two to spend a few nights. So we drive to Azusa for the party, then drive to Torrance to visit my aunt. My cousin in Torrance is only 10 so Isaiah and he are super good buddies. My aunt's name is Barbie, her husband is joke. Ella loves Barbie, the toy and the aunt. Abby wants to be a firefighter, Uncle Ken is Battalion Chief at Manhattan Beach Fire Department. This was a big event for the kids. We spend the night at my aunts house, manage to get all 5 of our combined kids to church on time - this was an act of God! Then we eat lunch and go visit Uncle Ken at the firehouse. I have the coolest pics of Abby in all of Ken's gear but I had to take them with my cell because I forgot the camera...anyway, I posted one here. If the quality is awful I apologize. Back to the point...after that I load up all of my gear and anything belonging to the little two and head towards home. We stop off in Glendora to visit a friend (and break up the drive). Oh, and we picked up some of the worlds best donuts before we headed home from there. We get home at 'o dark thirty. Then I had my test...see blog below. Monday night I'm at home and then yesterday we head out again...back to Torrance to pick up the big kids. My cousin (the 10 year old) plays baseball so we went to his game last night. He is day he'll be a pro ball player if he wants to be! We went out for mexican food and then my uncle made cookies - it's kind of a tradition! We spent the night at my aunt and uncle's again. This morning I packed up gear from all four kids and myself (and the air mattress) and we drove home. I need a nap. The kids are beyond tired and I'm hoping they go to sleep early and sleep in late...well not too late I have to take them to the park at 9 a.m.

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