Tuesday, August 21, 2007

funny thing happened on the way to my test today...

I was driving along, at what I like to call the butt crack of dawn, on my way to take the second test for the Sheriff dispatch position when I look over at a truck that was stopped next to me. I would say that I looked at the driver except that it would be a very loose term to use in this particular event. You see the man at the wheel of this vehicle was in fact playing...a trombone...I kid you not! He wasn't just looking at it or playing it while stopped, he took off from that red light all the while in full music making mode - I swear it was like the freaking twilight zone. I have seen a lot of things people do while driving but I have never heard (or even thought of) trombone playing on that list. So I'm thinking maybe my brother could get in on this new trend and play his upright bass while driving...that would be a sight, dangerous but funny!
Now for some exciting news....drum roll please... I'm apparently not as stupid as I felt after miserably failing that typing test last week because...I passed my Criticall exam!!! So I'm on to the background investigation portion of the hiring process. It has me wondering if I should stop blogging but, well, then what would I do with my random thoughts in my free time?

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