Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay...I did it...and it wasn't so bad!

So I've been told that since I blog on myspace so much I should join the "real" bloggers here. So I did...are you happy now?

I'm not sure that anyone really cares to read about my life and the ramblings of a crazy single mom of four but I guess I'm reading the blogs of a bunch of people who's lives, on the face of it, don't seem terribly interesting either...yet I love to read about theirs. So if you're inclined to read about me fumbling my way thru this life I am living then welcome to it!

I'm a newly single mom to my four great kids and I love my life. Now I might love it just a bit more if someday down the road God had in mind to bring a great guy into my life who's list of what he's looking for in a mate goes something like this:
Mom to a bunch of crazy kids
Body which bears the wounds of having said litter of kids (do we call it "curvy"?)

In the meantime I'm content to hang out with my kids, watch them grow, and hopefully by the grace of God parent them well enough on my own to prevent them from falling into the statistics of children from "broken" homes...which lead me to this thought...Is a home only "broken" if the parents divorce? Cuz I'm pretty freaking sure ours was broken to begin with. I don't think broken is what happens when the divorce occurs...I think broken is what happened that brought it to that point. In which case...divorce or kids were living in a "broken" home...Wow that kinda sucks huh!?!?

Ok so I'm going to try to post some pics...for fun and to see if I can figure this thing out...If it works you'll see pics of my kids (and me) at a wedding for my cousin in Redding, Ca on Friday, July 27th and the pre wedding stuff on the 26th. Now if any of us are smiling it is truly a miracle of God because in order to get to the wedding we drove. Then we drove, then we drove some more. Thirteen hours one way with stops - I have four kids remember - one of whom is just potty trained so "hold it" isn't really working for her yet! We were all crammed in my '93 Mercury Villager minivan with all of our luggage, special blankies etc, etc, etc...oh, and did I mention that my parents were with us? So this brings us to a total of 7 people in a 7 passenger vehicle with luggage for 7 people...oh, and a potty chair for good measure cuz what else are you going to do when there are 35 miles between you and the nearest toilet and the two year old has to pee?

So here we go...we'll see if it works.

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